Would you Like to Have a Photobooth at a Future Event?


If you would like your guests to have a great memento of your event, then why not hire a Smartpicsuk photobooth? Whether it is at a wedding, corporate event, party or charity event, a photobooth is always enjoyed. We offer a range of photography services to our clients from photobooth hire to event photography and professional headshots, all of which are carried out by well trained photographers. We make sure to treat our clients with exceptional service and provide the appropriate atmosphere, whether it be fun or serious, for your event. 


Welcome to Smartpicsuk


We want to give you the chance to capture all the happy smiling faces of your guests in a fun and creative way. When you hire a photobooth from us you can choose from an array of amusing, elegant and picturesque backdrops that suit your party theme or general preferences. We will also supply you with an assortment of fun props, to really bring humour and creativity to your photos. The photobooth will be operated by highly skilled photographers who have had years of experience taking pictures for high profile events, as well as small intimate gatherings. You can expect our team to dress and act professionally, and we have all received enhanced DBS certificates. 


We are always looking for new ways to provide unique and entertaining photography, so we can provide you with a Selfie Wizard. We pride ourselves on our fantastic pictures however, this does not mean we will be able to capture everything. With the Selfie Wizard, everyone can be a photographer and take pictures of natural and candid moments, and then share them on the screen for everyone to see. Just like with our photobooth, you will get the option to print off your picture, ideal for those who prefer physical copies. 


Both Selfie Wizard and our photobooth will print out your postcard size picture instantly, and our photobooth can also provide you with a passport strip style print out, and can share your picture to social media. Take a look at some of the pictures taken at previous events. While a photobooth is a great opportunity to act silly and have a good time, our photographers are also capable of taking high quality, professional pictures too. We can act as your wedding or prom official photographer. With our photographer’s skillful eye, we are able to position you and your guests in ways that will create beautiful staged and candid images. 


For corporate clients, we can help you with headshots which are important for marketing purposes and making a good first impression. We can also photograph award ceremonies and charity events. These photos can also be very useful marketing materials, as we will be able to photograph important moments and speakers, which can create a visual of your aims and messages, as seen on our website. 


Want to Find out More Information?


If you would like to find out more about our photobooth services, then please give us a call on 020 8856 4894 or 07967 652258, and our team will be available to have a chat with you. We will also respond to all enquiries that are sent to our email address admin@smartpicsuk.com or through our contact form