Why it’s essential to use a professional event photographer for when the unexpected happens.

One of the many reasons why you need to book a professional event photographer is for those unexpected events that can spell disaster if you haven’t got a robust backup plan. Smartpicsuk® have just been touched twice in a week by unexpected circumstances. The first was receiving a message from The EPS (Event Photographers Society) on a Saturday morning on behalf of a colleague who had just been rushed into hospital.

Hylands house charity fundraising
Hylands House charity fundraising

As he was being wheeled into the emergency department he asked his wife to contact Mike Weeks the founder of the EPS to arrange a photographic team to cover an event that was due to start within hours.

Luckily we were able to help out and within minutes had contacted the event organiser to reassure her that her prestigious charity 30th anniversary ball would have full photographic coverage. I also had to leave messages at the gym where a vital member of the team who edits and prints onsite photographs was in a spin class.

Although we always like to have a booking form and as much detail as we can prior to the event we always hold enough stock and equipment to react to short notice requests.

The evening was a great success with all the guests in a stately hall in East Anglia having a wonderful evening and a successful fundraising event for the charity.

We were complimented on our professionalism by the event organiser and I had to tell her actually the real professional was the photographer who even as he was being rushed into hospital made sure he didn’t let anybody down. That’s what I call a real Pro!

Charity fund raising event photography
Charity fund raising event photography

Less than a week later I was on a commission in one of Europe’s grand cities on another short notice job.

Waiting to check into yet another hotel with colleagues an opportunist thief stole thousands of pounds of our photographic equipment. I’ve never had any gear stolen in many years of professional travel both in the UK and worldwide and felt somewhat upset to put it mildly.

Fortunately all the photographs taken had been backed up both online to a secure server and I had even made a copy on a large USB drive that in my pocket so the important pictures were safe. Cameras can be replaced but very often photographs can’t.

Some very important equipment was lost and it’s not the sort you can replace in the average High St. We did however have backup equipment so we were able to continue the commission on behalf of the client without disruption to the tight schedule.

As the saying goes if you think hiring a professional is expensive see how expensive an amateur can be when things go wrong.

By the way if anybody is thinking of booking Smartpicsuk® and worrying that bad things always come in three’s and what’s going to happen next somebody reversed into my car last week whilst I was walking the dog so that should end the run of bad luck for a few years.

And just in case we have backup plans, a professional network and we are fully insured.



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