Why have a photo booth at weddings?


wedding photo booth is now the “must have” feature for any wedding celebration or party

It is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained throughout the day and evening. Young and not-so-young will love its ability to “break the ice” as two families and groups of friends come together after a long time apart and sometimes for the first time.

Wedding photo booth

People have been taking photos of one another for years but how many times have you had your picture taken and never seen it?  Today everybody can take home a real physical photograph to keep, able to instantly bring back forgotten memories.

The “selfie“ has become a part of the modern language but a modern photo booth, even with vintage styling, takes this to a new level.

Colorful backdrops and props add to the magic of the photo booth
Summer style photo booth backdrop

With built-in professional quality cameras and studio lighting, the new models are capable of producing instant photo prints and sharing to mobile phones and social media, straight from the booth.

Not just photo prints either, but boomerangs and animated GIF’s bring the photo booth right into the internet age and are hugely popular with Millennials.

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Newer models with specialised software can offer contactless interaction with the booth allowing pictures to be taken and then sent straight to the users’ individual phone for sharing with friends and family.

This is a very welcome addition to the service in these unusual times of avoiding touchscreens and limited numbers of guests wanting to send instant pictures to absent friends and family who can’t be there due to restrictions limiting the number of guests.

The best wedding photo booth companies will also have an attendant or “booth butler“ to help and oversee the technology side as well as making sure guests get the very best pictures possible. They will also curate a luxury guestbook if you have requested this service.

Photo booths add fun and memories at any wedding
Wedding photo booth

Traditional enclosed booths often referred to as a “passport photo machine” have now been superseded by the open style booth. No longer hidden behind a curtain or fenced in, guests will have more room to pose in solo’s, duo’s or large groups.

Tailor-made backdrops to suit your theme or style come with the booth but sometimes the best backdrop is no backdrop and the unique features of the venue itself can be the perfect background scene.

Props add to the fun of the event and come in a range of styles from the traditional silly hats & glasses to more stylish items such as vintage musical instruments and cameras. Most of the premium providers will have a large range to suit any style or occasion.

As well as a choice of backdrops the photos themselves can also be branded or themed and your message printed in your chosen layout.

Wedding photo booth at Londoln venue
Wedding photo booth The Brewery London

Some of the newer booths such as the Everybooth Lite operated by us at Smartpicsuk can run on built in battery packs making them suitable for setting up outside which is especially relevant in these days of social distancing. 

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The UK law commission has recently proposed a change in the law to allow Couples in England and Wales to get married outdoors or in family houses. It has suggested private gardens, beaches, parks, and cruise ships as potential suitable venues.  See BBC report here

The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors
The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors powered by integral battery packs

As Smartpicsuk is based in London’s Royal Greenwich close to one of the most beautiful parks in the country we cannot wait to set up our booths for an alfresco wedding and reception.

Get in touch with us here at Smartpicsuk® if you have any questions about how a photo booth will add fun and future memories on your special day.

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2 thoughts on “Why have a photo booth at weddings?”

  1. Ooh, what a fascinating idea! The moment you mentioned that photo booths nowadays are also able to capture short videos for people to take home, it really caught my attention. My niece is getting married next month and she’s been looking for some fun activities to be included during the event. I’ll forward this article to her so she’ll make the right arrangement afterwards.

  2. Ooh la la! I just love it when you reassured that there’ll always be someone to look after a photo booth so everyone can use it conveniently. My niece is going to get married this spring and she’s asked me to make the event even livelier. I’ll certainly consider this option so people will enjoy the ceremony even more later.

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