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Why have a Photo Booth at your event ?

Suitable for all ages any gathering of people whether for a wedding ,social party or corporate and marketing event -this is a great reason to have a photo booth.

Despite the small area and easy set up the booth will act as a focal point for guests or clients to congregate – what a great way of getting people together.

There are two main types of booth ; the ‘open’ or ‘studio booth’ where the guests stand in front of a custom backdrop or even the background and furnishing of the venue itself ;particularly effective if it’s a high end luxury location. These open photo booths offer a spontaneous experience -commonly ,  groups of people will gather together to see how many they can get into a picture. A fantastic ” ice breaker” and networking opportunity especially with suitable props.

The Smartpicsuk Photo booth on Location. The booth is hand m,ade in oak by everybooth
The Smartpicsuk photo booth hand made in oak by Everybooth

 The other style of photo booth ;-is the ‘enclosed’ booth which is comparable to a passport or driving license photo machine. These usually come with a stool and a privacy curtain. Small groups can squeeze in and pose for a variety of pictures with or without props. Nowadays ,classic motor vehicles are being adapted as working photo booths. Particular favourites are the iconic London or New York Taxis and the original VW camper van.                                                                      

Both types of photo booth offer the ability to instanly print a strip of photos for guests. After all , who does not like to take home a real photo in their hands ? It is both entertaining and something to go in the goody bag or a party favour.

A printed photo strip from the Everybooth photo booth used by Smartpicsuk
A photo strip from the Everybooth used by Smartpicsuk

      Our Everybooth ® integrates the most influential social media platforms and can upload to Facebook ® and Twitter® complete with corporate branding or an ididividual message. Now that is what we call “spreading the news”                                                              

For marketing or ‘brand activations’ this is such a powerful way to promote a business we refer to our booth as “The Swiss Army Knife” of digital marketing. It will add a buzz to your event spreading your message in a subtle way with the possibility of going viral on the web. An amazing opportunity to get increased customer ‘likes’ on your Facebook page or ‘retweets’ for better engagement with your current and potential clients. Great photographs deserve to be put on display -and so does your company or brand.


Instant onsite phot strips from the Smartpicsuk photo booth
A printed photo strip from the Everybooth

  Easy to build and break down ,requiring little space or dispuption to the organisers , Smartpicsuk® offers a wide range of pricing to suit most budgets but we are aimed at the premium end of the event photography market where we aim to stand out like a “flamingo in a flock of pidgeons”.                                                        



What is a pop up studio and how will it boost your event?

A “pop up” or temporary studio along with photo booth’s are an essential addition to high end events from corporate parties, shopping centre marketing and retail promotions to charity fundraising and private parties.

Often compared and sometimes mistaken fora photo booth the “pop up” studio offers a studio enviroment where a professional photographer will direct you into the most flattering pose which is always desirable especially when your guests have taken the time and effort to look their best.

A photo booth especially with the right props and backdrops offers a much more spontaneous experience  with the emphasis on fun.

Although handmade in oak combined  with the latest technology the Smartpicsuk photobooth can let guests instantly share their pictures to Facebook® and Twitter®  complete with your branding or message.


Annual-ball-event-photography pop up studio
pop up studio at charity fundraising event

The” pop up studio” is often used in conjunction with our instant on site photograph printing to enable your guests or clients to take away a high quality photograph as a memento to a special occasion which will be remembered long after the refreshments have gone.

Event photography at corporate team building day
Corporate team building golf day

Another popular use is in promotional marketing or consumer brand promotions in shopping centres often used with green screen effects to engage potential clients and get your brand noticed.

Social media sharing can also be incorporated with the images to keep your name in front of potential clients and sponsors.

Green screen event photography marketing and PR photography with Onsite printing and branding
Green screen event photography marketing and PR photography with Onsite printing and branding

Get in touch now  to find out how the Smartpicsuk®” pop up studio or photo booth”can boost your event and to request a sample of our onsite photographic printing.