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6 photo booth predictions for the new normal

Photo booths post lockdown, our thoughts !

1. Sizeable gatherings at parties and weddings will be replaced with more intimate groups and perhaps, outdoor ‘al fresco’ style parties. Gardens and rustic barn settings will become the sought after location. Guest numbers in the main venue may be limited and brand new booths, such as our Everybooth® Lite model will operate with integral battery packs meaning they are perfect to use in event grounds or under a marquee.

Photo booths will be used in more outdoor settings in the modern age.
Photo booths will be used more often in open air settings This was at one of our corporate Christmas parties.

2. Open-air booths will be used instead of the traditional “passport picture“ styled oval booths – already very popular, our retro-styled booths look like old fashioned wooden plate cameras and are used with either a custom backdrop or with features of the venue itself, such as a bookcase or an ornate wall.

The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors
The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors powered by integral battery packs

3. It is unlikely that props will be used in the same way as they have been. This is especially true with silly hat and mask type props. Instead, guests will pose for more sophisticated images including glamorous B&W photographs –  often called “The Kardashian Booth“, our Everybooths® has been adapted with both software and traditional photographic optical filters. This combined with professional studio lighting and a Canon DSLR camera gives a truly flattering professional photographic image worthy of printing as well as sharing.

B&W Glamour booth often called the Kardashian booth. It has square photos for the Instagram generation
B&W glamour booth often called “The Kardashian Booth ” with square pictures for the Instagram generation

4. Hygiene routines and “social distancing“, if applicable, will be a primary concern. The small number of props that may be used such as the retro microphone can be thoroughly sanitised with alcohol-based wipes. Hand sanitiser will also be available – our photo booths always have a photographer/team member present to ensure the smooth running of the booth. In addition to assisting guests to achieve the best picture, they will now have the added responsibility of ensuring guests adhere to guidelines for everybody’s well being.

5. Technology, as always, will provide the solution. We now have the ability to offer contactless photo booths. Guests can register either at the event or prior to arrival with their smartphones. The link gives them a unique QR scanner code which they present to the screen on the front of the booth. This begins the photo booth action and instantly emails or texts the picture to their phone as well as printing a postcard-sized image. The whole photo booth experience can now be completed with absolutely no physical touching by the guests and with no waiting in a queue. Now that is a game-changer!

6. The photo booth business has always adapted and innovated since it’s beginning in 1925. The very first was called the Automaton and was in New York on Broadway near Times Square. Customers queued around the block for the chance to have 8 pictures taken and printed in 10 minutes. Again the industry will rise to this current viral challenge that will see bigger changes than when film was replaced by digital photography.