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Kardashian style B&W glamour photo booth


Made popular by the famous Hollywood family and now available to stylish couples and private clients.

Originally made popular by the Kardashian’s and other Hollywood Royalty our glamour photo booth is a modern take on a traditional photo booth picture.

The exact process is a closely guarded secret and different firms will have different methods. We can tell you though it’s not just a case of setting the booth to print black and white photo’s, anybody can do that.

The Smartpicsuk® Kardashian style glamour booth uses studio grade lighting with more than one light and a beauty dish. The biggest difference with us is that the lighting is setup and calibrated for each venue by professional photographers with years of experience and passion.

Makeup can only go so far, there are software filters used alongside traditional photographic techniques. Combined with expert and enthusiastic direction by the photographer acting as your booth host you really will be able to step out in style.

B&W Kardashian style glamour photo booth is gaining in popularity in The UK
B&W Kardashian style glamour booth

Be beautiful, be glamorous.

We encourage our guests to limit their use of props and go for a super clean modern look that produces Hollywood quality photo perfection, so why spoil it with a silly hat ?

Our bespoke print designs are also simple and elegant producing photo prints that are a work of art. Such is the quality and beauty of our photographs many are blown up and framed to hang on the wall and cherished forever rather than stuck on the fridge door with the holiday magnets.

The glamour booth photo’s make for highly shareable content and we encourage this with instantly available pictures sent straight to guest phones via text or email; no apps are required.

 The Kardashian style glamour photo booth is now our most popular service at wefddings
Kardashian style B&W glamour photo booth

Your images are also saved in colour giving you the choice of B&W or colour photographs after the event but with the same glamorous look and clean white background.

The smartpicsuk Kardashian style glam booth can also produce colour photos
Kardashian style photos saved in colour

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Hand built in oak this stunning vintage photo booth will compliment the finest venues and reflect all the time and expense you have gone to making your party or reception look a million dollars!

The Smartpicsuk® glamour booth experience is like a high fashion editorial shoot with the fun and spontaneity of a photo booth in a classy package. We couldn’t have put it better than this quote from Ralph Lauren “Style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

Kardashian style photo booth with B&W glamour pictures

Glamorous photos for glamorous events mean this service is now our most requested service for weddings this summer with bookings now well into 2023.

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9 photo booth predictions for 2022 and the new normal

Photo booths post lockdown 2021, our thoughts!

We don’t have a crystal ball to gaze into the future but we were fairly accurate in 2021. We listen all the time to our clients and the wider industry and would love to hear your comments.

1. Sizeable gatherings at parties and weddings will be replaced with more intimate groups and perhaps, outdoor ‘al fresco’ style parties. Gardens and rustic barn settings will become the sought-after location. Guest numbers in the main venue may be limited and brand new booths, such as our Everybooth® Lite model will operate with integral battery packs meaning they are perfect to use on event grounds or a marquee setting.

Photo booths will be used in more outdoor settings in the modern age.
Photo booths will be used more often in open air settings This venue was one of our corporate Christmas parties.

2. Open-air booths will be used instead of the traditional “passport picture“ styled oval booths. Already very popular, our retro-styled booths look like old fashioned wooden plate cameras and are used with either a custom backdrop, floral wall or with features of the venue itself, such as a bookcase or an ornate wall.

The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors
The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors powered by integral battery packs

3. It is unlikely in the short term that props will be used in the same way as they have been. This is especially true with silly hat and mask type props. Large groups of people and “photobombing” the camera won’t be so popular. Instead, guests will pose for more sophisticated images including glamorous B&W  square photos for the the Instagram age. Often called “The Kardashian Booth“,  or studio booth our Everybooths® have been adapted with both software and traditional photographic optical filters  This combined with professional studio lighting and a Canon DSLR camera gives a truly flattering professional photographic image worthy of printing ,framing and cherishing as well as sharing to social media.

Kardashian Style B&W glamour photobooth
Kardashian Style B&W Glamour

4. Hygiene routines and “social distancing“, if applicable, will be a primary concern. The small number of props that may be used such as the retro microphone can be thoroughly sanitised with alcohol-based wipes. Hand sanitizer will also be available – our photo booths always have a photographer/ booth host present to ensure the smooth running of the booth and to make sure guests can use the booth to its full potential. They will now have the added responsibility of ensuring guests adhere to guidelines for everybody’s well-being.

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5. Technology, as always, will provide solutions to problems we had never thought about. Our vintage booths now have the ability to offer a contactless experience. Guests can register either at the event or prior to arrival with their smartphones. The link gives them a unique QR scanner code which they present to the screen on the front of the booth. This begins the photo booth action and instantly emails or texts the picture to their phone as well as printing a postcard-sized image. The whole photo booth experience can now be completed with absolutely no physical touching by the guests and with no waiting in a queue. Now that is a game-changer!

6. In 2022, weddings will be celebrated every day of the week, not just weekends, to catch up with canceled and postponed dates. Despite the headaches and heartbreaks of 2020/21, the industry will bounce back with the finest venues, caterers, florists, photographers and photo booth suppliers remaining in high demand.

7. The high street as we know it was changing rapidly even before the pandemic with bricks and mortar shops being replaced by online sales. Retailers will need to encourage their clients to come into shops for an experience, rather than just shop for essentials. “Retailtainment” will become a buzzword for brands who will be using shops as a stage to showcase their products. The latest photo booths are perfect for this setting enabling an interactive brand-building experience. Greenscreen or A.I. background removal will provide images to delight shoppers who will go on to share them on social media. The limit really will become your imagination!

The smartpicsuk photo booth at the opening of the new flagship microsoft store Oxford circus
Corporate client photo booth

8. Working from home or hybrid working will become the new norm. Many staff will only meet their fellow team colleagues at team building and social occasions, especially at the large corporates. The photo booth is an ideal way to break the ice at any gathering and is perfect for putting names to faces with shared pictures.

9. Large events will be planned for the summer months rather than the traditional Christmas period. Many of our large corporate events over the last two Christmases have been canceled or postponed sometimes within hours of the event start and rearranged for summer parties.

outdoor photo booths will become more popular
Everybooth Lite used for outdoor festival



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Why have a Photo Booth at your event ?

People have been taking photos of one another since photography became accessible to the public with the Kodak 1 camera in 1888 and the “selfie “ has become part of everyday language.

However, most of the pictures taken today especially with the ever-present iPhone soon get forgotten, lost in the “cloud” or buried in social media news feeds.

Smartpicsuk retro photo booth
The Smartpicsuk open style photo booth


The photo booth makes these spontaneous fun pictures available immediately to take away as a real photograph to be treasured forever stuck on the fridge door or in a frame on a desk.

Guests of all ages get to mingle as the booth acts as a real draw and an icebreaker at all events including weddings, or other life events as well as corporate marketing and promotional occasions.

Wedding photo booth at London venue Instant postcard sized prints with bespoke graphics.
Instant postcard-sized prints from a Wedding photo booth

Modern photo booths come in a variety of styles and layouts to suit all requirements and budgets.

There are two main styles available, the first being the traditional oval booth often called a “passport photo” machine as these were derived from the machines used typically in train stations to provide passport and ID pics.

The machines were often used for fun pictures and every teenager had a strip of photos often with their best friends and usually pulling silly faces.

With the arrival of the digital revolution it became possible for the machines to be broken down and setup at party or hospitality venues in fact anywhere where people gather to have fun.

The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors
The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors powered by integral battery packs

The second style is the open booth which as the name suggests is open plan with a backdrop or the features of the venue itself. It is not unusual to use the booths outside using the grounds and buildings themselves as a backdrop.

Camera units are often styled as old fashioned plate cameras but the technology they hide within their handmade exteriors is anything but old fashioned. The DSLR camera found in the better units are likely to be of the same make and type as the majority of professional photographers use.

Computers running bespoke specialist software, and printers as seen in high street photo printing shops and professional studio lighting complete the package.

Advantages of this open style booth include being able to have more people in the pictures with guests being able to interact and join the fun instead of being hidden behind a curtain.

Smartpicsuk photo booth at London corporate event party.
Corporate photo booth London

As well as printing physical photos modern setups can also send the photos straight to guest’s phones by email or text and from there you can guarantee they will be shared on social media. This will show the world how popular your party or special day is and if you are hosting a promotional or marketing event, it could add huge exposure and increased engagement with your brand.

Bespoke graphic designs with your own text or logos and a choice of props make each occasion unique to you, make it yours with memories to last forever.

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Why have a photo booth at weddings?


wedding photo booth is now the “must have” feature for any wedding celebration or party

It is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained throughout the day and evening. Young and not-so-young will love its ability to “break the ice” as two families and groups of friends come together after a long time apart and sometimes for the first time.

Wedding photo booth

People have been taking photos of one another for years but how many times have you had your picture taken and never seen it?  Today everybody can take home a real physical photograph to keep, able to instantly bring back forgotten memories.

The “selfie“ has become a part of the modern language but a modern photo booth, even with vintage styling, takes this to a new level.

Colorful backdrops and props add to the magic of the photo booth
Summer style photo booth backdrop

With built-in professional quality cameras and studio lighting, the new models are capable of producing instant photo prints and sharing to mobile phones and social media, straight from the booth.

Not just photo prints either, but boomerangs and animated GIF’s bring the photo booth right into the internet age and are hugely popular with Millennials.

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Newer models with specialised software can offer contactless interaction with the booth allowing pictures to be taken and then sent straight to the users’ individual phone for sharing with friends and family.

This is a very welcome addition to the service in these unusual times of avoiding touchscreens and limited numbers of guests wanting to send instant pictures to absent friends and family who can’t be there due to restrictions limiting the number of guests.

The best wedding photo booth companies will also have an attendant or “booth butler“ to help and oversee the technology side as well as making sure guests get the very best pictures possible. They will also curate a luxury guestbook if you have requested this service.

Photo booths add fun and memories at any wedding
Wedding photo booth

Traditional enclosed booths often referred to as a “passport photo machine” have now been superseded by the open style booth. No longer hidden behind a curtain or fenced in, guests will have more room to pose in solo’s, duo’s or large groups.

Tailor-made backdrops to suit your theme or style come with the booth but sometimes the best backdrop is no backdrop and the unique features of the venue itself can be the perfect background scene.

Props add to the fun of the event and come in a range of styles from the traditional silly hats & glasses to more stylish items such as vintage musical instruments and cameras. Most of the premium providers will have a large range to suit any style or occasion.

As well as a choice of backdrops the photos themselves can also be branded or themed and your message printed in your chosen layout.

Wedding photo booth at Londoln venue
Wedding photo booth The Brewery London

Some of the newer booths such as the Everybooth Lite operated by us at Smartpicsuk can run on built in battery packs making them suitable for setting up outside which is especially relevant in these days of social distancing. 

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The UK law commission has recently proposed a change in the law to allow Couples in England and Wales to get married outdoors or in family houses. It has suggested private gardens, beaches, parks, and cruise ships as potential suitable venues.  See BBC report here

The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors
The Everybooth Lite can be used outdoors powered by integral battery packs

As Smartpicsuk is based in London’s Royal Greenwich close to one of the most beautiful parks in the country we cannot wait to set up our booths for an alfresco wedding and reception.

Get in touch with us here at Smartpicsuk® if you have any questions about how a photo booth will add fun and future memories on your special day.

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