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Smartpicsuk®  Luxury Photo Booth – capture the fun!


Smartpicsuk® is proud to offer the Everybooth® for our premium hire a photobooth service. Handmade in oak by English craftsmen; retro styled with film star good looks it is often referred to as the world’s most luxurious booth.

Hire a photobooth from Smartpicsuk. Our handmade luxury booth is pictured with lead photographer and owner Steve Burton
The Everybooth® with Smartpicsuk lead photographer and owner Steve Burton

The booth is an ‘open’ booth  but is used with custom made backdrops or the venue background and features. After all, if people are having so much fun and the booth is such an attraction why hide it behind a curtain? People often spontaneously gather and mingle at the booth – a fantastic “ice breaker” for any social event; whether for private parties and hospitality or corporate awards & presentations as well as promotional events or activations

Requiring little space and having a small setup time this booth will stand out like a “flamingo in a flock of pigeons”.

The booth will print out your photographs within seconds either in strips or individually. Who doesn’t want to take home a real photograph with them? It is great entertainment and something to go in the goody bag or a party favour.

Some of the corporate and media parties covered by the Smartpicsuk Photo booth
Some of the corporate and media Christmas parties by the Smartpicsuk photo booth.

Despite being made of oak and the period styling, our booth is packed with the latest technology the industry offers from Cannon DSLR cameras and custom designed software to ensure not only great looks and photographs but the ability to instantly share your pictures.

The Smartpicsuk Photo booth on Location. The booth is hand m,ade in oak by everybooth
The Smartpicsuk photo booth hand made in oak by Everybooth


Our Everybooth® integrates with the most influential social media platforms and can upload photographs to both Facebook® and Twitter® complete with corporate branding or an individual message. Now that’s what we call “spreading the news”.

For marketing or P.R. activity this is such a powerful way to promote a business we refer to our booth as “the Swiss Army Knife” of digital marketing. It will add a buzz to your event spreading your message in a subtle way with the possibility of going viral on the web. An amazing opportunity to get increased customer “likes” on your Facebook page and better engagement with your current and potential clients. Great Photographs deserve to be put on display and so does your company or brand.

Get in touch now for Photo booth hire to find out how Smartpicsuk®  will add both fun and value to your event or party.

A printed photo strip from the Everybooth photo booth used by Smartpicsuk
A photo strip from the Everybooth used by Smartpicsuk



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