Religious Celebrations & Bar Mitzvahs

Capturing a moment to create ever-lasting memories

Personal celebrations are unique; perhaps a once-in-a-life time event that you will want to capture with a mixture of traditional posed shots and relaxed images.

Smartpicsuk ® will attend your event and capture the essence of your exclusive party by discreetly mingling amongst your guests and by setting up a small studio in a prime location at the venue with either our Back to Black ™ backdrop or a coloured backdrop and bring a variety of fun props if you wish.

We will have our state-of-the-art printer ready and waiting to print 9 x 6 quality mounted images of your guests within 30 seconds for them to take away memories of their experience. We will upload the pictures to a secure web gallery on our website after the event is over if you so wish, for those important people unable to attend the festivities and for those guests who may wish to select more images.

By choosing Smartpicsuk to capture your precious event you will gain a lifetime of irreplaceable memories.

Call or get in contact now to discuss your wishes and prices or to request a sample photograph from our onsite printers.