Selfie Wizard

Selfie Wizard the brand new addition to party fun


Smartpicsuk® have introduced the Selfie Wizard the brand new state of the art addition to party fun

This amazing device allows your guests to take photos with their phones and upload to a TV screen or photo wall slideshow with the option to have postcard sized photos printed automatically

Now, not only will you have professional photos of your party or event but you will also have the pictures and memories of your friends and guests and lets face it they will all be taking pictures anyhow

Selfie Wizard display screen at Bar Mitzvah


They get to have fun and take away a printed photo of the day instead of keeping it hidden on their phone and you get to keep a copy along with the memories

This new addition is very popular alongside our premium wedding photo booth service

Advantages for the guests :

  • Works with any smartphone or device
  • No apps or software to download
  • No passwords, accounts or email needed
  • Simple intuative and quick to use
  • Instantly share your pics to  TV and instant prints

For the event host:

  • Added entertainment and fun for everybody
  • You get digital copies of all images
  • Pictures and TV show can be branded with logos or personal messages
  • Modern day alternative to disposable cameras on tables
  • All your guests will be photographers for the day adding informal and fun photos to your memories.
  • Quick to setup and takes hardly any room, needs no internet or WIFI

Get in touch now to discover what this brand new technology can do for your party or event