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Kardashian style B&W glamour photo booth


Made popular by the famous Hollywood family and now available to stylish couples and private clients.

Originally made popular by the Kardashian’s and other Hollywood Royalty our glamour photo booth is a modern take on a traditional photo booth picture.

The exact process is a closely guarded secret and different firms will have different methods. We can tell you though it’s not just a case of setting the booth to print black and white photo’s, anybody can do that.

The Smartpicsuk® Kardashian style glamour booth uses studio grade lighting with more than one light and a beauty dish. The biggest difference with us is that the lighting is setup and calibrated for each venue by professional photographers with years of experience and passion.

Makeup can only go so far, there are software filters used alongside traditional photographic techniques. Combined with expert and enthusiastic direction by the photographer acting as your booth host you really will be able to step out in style.

B&W Kardashian style glamour photo booth is gaining in popularity in The UK
B&W Kardashian style glamour booth

Be beautiful, be glamorous.

We encourage our guests to limit their use of props and go for a super clean modern look that produces Hollywood quality photo perfection, so why spoil it with a silly hat ?

Our bespoke print designs are also simple and elegant producing photo prints that are a work of art. Such is the quality and beauty of our photographs many are blown up and framed to hang on the wall and cherished forever rather than stuck on the fridge door with the holiday magnets.

The glamour booth photo’s make for highly shareable content and we encourage this with instantly available pictures sent straight to guest phones via text or email; no apps are required.

 The Kardashian style glamour photo booth is now our most popular service at wefddings
Kardashian style B&W glamour photo booth

Your images are also saved in colour giving you the choice of B&W or colour photographs after the event but with the same glamorous look and clean white background.

The smartpicsuk Kardashian style glam booth can also produce colour photos
Kardashian style photos saved in colour

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Hand built in oak this stunning vintage photo booth will compliment the finest venues and reflect all the time and expense you have gone to making your party or reception look a million dollars!

The Smartpicsuk® glamour booth experience is like a high fashion editorial shoot with the fun and spontaneity of a photo booth in a classy package. We couldn’t have put it better than this quote from Ralph Lauren “Style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”

Kardashian style photo booth with B&W glamour pictures

Glamorous photos for glamorous events mean this service is now our most requested service for weddings this summer with bookings now well into 2023.

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