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Fast cars, faster web servers, Smartpicsuk® event photography finds top gear

Here’s the new website designed and coded from the ground up hosted on state of the art enterprise class Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Photographers websites are a fine balance between displaying our photography in the most prominent way and providing the information needed to make an informed choice when selecting a professional photographer. We hope you find the site interesting an informative. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything further you would like to know.

The site relaunch coincides with the Smartpicsuk® event photography brand becoming a registered trade mark in the UK so if you see another it’s a copycat and certainly not associated or affiliated with ourselves.

Trademarking and branding is now an integral part of many of the photography jobs we now undertake for our corporate clients. Combined with our on site printing it becomes a powerful and very cost effective way of promoting your brand or marketing message.

Corporate Christmas party photography
Corporate Christmas party photography

We recently covered a corporate hospitality event for an international bank that just happen to be a sponsor of the Williams Formula One team. An FW36 F1 racing car was bought into the event at the prestigious BMA in London. We were given strict instructions that guests were not allowed to touch the car in any way and definitely not use it as somewhere to place their drinks and canapés (they usually try and use our computers and printers for that).

When I was informed the cost of one of these cars was in the region of £5 million with the removable steering wheel alone being about £50,000 I was worried I may have to phone our insurance brokers as £5 million is our usual everyday cover and we were worried we may have to increase this something normally only done when working on the tarmac at international airports or photographing Premier League football players.

Another surprise we had came at the end of the evening when the guests had departed and it was time for us pack all our equipment away in protective flight cases to return to base. The F1 racing car had been wheeled into the venue from adjacent premises that had to be closed and locked for the night. The only way the car could be removed from the premises was to physically dismantle the car and carry it through the offices piece by piece. Each dismantled part of the car was wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully carried from the building. I thought I was cautious with our professional photography equipment and I’ve never been accused of being a cheapskate but this was on an entirely different level.

Thanks for reading and please get in touch with either myself or the team if there is anything we’ve missed or for any further information.